What’s an IQ? (Intelligence Quotient)



IQ is a number meant tomeasure people cognitive abilities (intelligence) in relation to their agegroup. An I.Q between 90 and 110 is considered average; over 120, superior.Roughly 68% of thepopulation has an IQ between 85 and 115. The average range between 70 and 130,and represents about 95% of the population. A score below 70 may indicate problems in understanding the iQ questions or soem type or retardation, and a score above 130 may indicate intellectual giftedness.1% of the population has an IQ of 136 or higher. However, an individual scoring100 within one population can score above or below that value within anotherpopulation, for example, the Japanese are supposed to have the highest averageIQ in the world (115),but this 115 can only be an average of 100 within theirown population.What is the highest IQ?The highest IQ was 228,according to Guinness Book of Records, this score belongs to the ‘smartest’person in the world Marilyn vos Savant who scored it when she was 10 year old.This would, according to recent research, correspond to about IQ 185 at adultage. That score is, at least, surpassed by the chess player and champion BobbyFisher which was 187, and Kim Ung-Yong (S. Korea) with a score over 200.Who is the smartest person?I don’t think anyone has anaccurate answer tothat question; however some psychologists believe thatWilliam James Sidis reached the maximum capacity possible for a human. In theBuzan’s Book of Mental World Records, thehighest IQ score ever attained isassigned to the history’s greatest genius Leonardo Da Vinci. The estimate is anearly unbelievable adult IQ of 220.How did the IQ start?It all started with theBinet scale with one single goal in mind, to serve as a guide to identifychildren in the school who need special education to minimize their inferiorlevel. Binet also reported that it’s not designedto measure ‘intelligence’.Later after many modifications on the original method of Binet such asSimon-Binet, or Stanford-Binet, Intelligence tests were getting more popularamong the population as well as in government departments. In 1989 the American Academy for the Advancement of Science listed theIQtestamong the twenty most significant scientific discoveries of thetwentieth century along with nuclear fission, DNA, and flight.Does the IQ really measure intelligence?Well, to answer that wefirst need to answer one question, what isintelligence?You cannot measure something that you can hardly define. The problem is thatthe term intelligence has never been defined adequately and therefore nobodyknows what an IQ test is supposed to measure. In spite of all this, today thefuture of thousands of children/ employees is determined by the results of thistest, simply because it


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